ALSO Annual Report 2019

In this decade many digital technologies will reach market maturity. Their potential applications, and with it the opportunities of monetization for technology providers, are nearly unlimited. This is why “Fast Forward” is the title of the Annual Report 2019.

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4 good reasons for investing in ALSO

  1. Invest into one of the key markets of the future
    The digital transformation will accelerate across all industries. As well as ‘on premise’, hard- and software will more and more be used ‘off premise’, i.e. cloud-based as IT-as-a-Service. Platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity or streaming and other purposes, are offering immense potential for growth.
  2. Access to all market participants
    Our ecosystem comprises more than 660 vendors of hard- and software as well as more than 110,000 resellers, retailers and etailers. ALSO has a clear value proposition as a platform enabling its customers to focus on their respective strenghts. The route to market can be either transactional (buying) or consumptional (consumption-based billing), via our e-commerce shop or the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.
  3. Clear strategy
    Our MORE-Strategy defines four key activities: Maintain and strengthen the existing business; Optimize all processes and mesh all three business models; Reinvent new lines of business; Enhance market shares and technological competences. These activities are relevant to our three business models Supply, Solutions and as-a-Service. The combination of ALSO’s proprietary and distinguished platform, massive scale and customer reach makes the barriers to market entry nearly unsurmountable for other players.
  4. Successful management
    Our main focus is on a sustainably successful development of the company. Profitability and sustainable growth have been constantly improved. At the same time, we have been transforming the company and optimizing its capital structure.

Since 2011, ALSO revenue, gross profit, EBITDA and EAT have been growing constantly. This has been reflected in the ALSO share as well as the dividend development.

Market Capitalization (in Mio CHF)

Dividends (in CHF)

Dividend 2019 proposal of the Board of Directors

News & Press releases

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ALSO partners with Vade Secure to offer strong email protection for Microsoft Office 365

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ALSO AGM approves dividend. 2020 to date net sales growth of 11 percent. Forecast confirmed.

Mar 24, 2020

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