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Find here press releases and other publications.

Find here press releases and publications

ALSO in the media:

ICT Channel, one of the leading ICT publications, reported on the expansion of ALSO's cooperation with Dell
(German only):

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The Market is a publication of NZZ, providing analyses and background information on the economy. Find here their current analysis of ALSO:

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Finanz und Wirtschaft, a renowned Swiss financial newspaper, published this in-depth interview with
Gustavo Möller-Hergt:

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Press releases

Course set for the future. All motions passed with large majority

Mar 21, 2022

  • Dividend payment CHF 4.30 per share
  • Addition of ESG to the Articles of Incorporation
  • Thomas Fürer new member of the Board of Directo...

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Proposal to the Annual General Meeting: Changes in the ALSO Board of Directors

Feb 25, 2022

At the Annual General Meeting of ALSO Holding AG on 18. March, in addition to the proposed payment of a dividend of 4.30 Swiss francs (+15% compared to 2021), shareholders will decide on furthe...

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ALSO exceeds guidance: Net profit increased by 19% (154 million euros)

Feb 22, 2022

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Proposal to the ALSO AGM: Incorporating ESG in the Articles of Association

Feb 4, 2022

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ALSO acquires largest IT divisions of Portuguese JP Sá Couto

Dec 23, 2021

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